Friday, January 19, 2007

1994 Chateau Bourgneuf (Bordeaux - Pomerol)

File this under the “sometimes you get what you pay for” category. This was bought for $16 at Warehouse Wines & Spirits on Broadway and 8th St. in the village and as Yelp notes that “sometimes the wines are discounted for a reason.”

Warehouse Wines is probably the only store in the city to still carry this wine.

The 1994 Bourgneuf has definitely seen better says and is over this hill. Note that it needs air to get ride of its funky aroma that comes out when first opening the bottle. The wine has a slightly brownish tinge. Cedar notes come out after having a little air with come very light whiffs of black currant and dark cherry but the fruit is definitely fading. The tannins have outlasted the fruit on this one. There is still some grip there and a medium finish. I’d give this wine an overall score of a C-.

I can’t claim to have been duped into trying this as I knew more recent vintages of Chateau Bourgneuf retail in the mid $30s and that their 1994 wasn’t exactly a stellar wine, having garnered an 84 score from Parker. I was hoping to be surprised but really wasn’t expecting much.


Anonymous said...

Had 2002 Chateau Bourgneuf - Pomerol - heavy tannins - no fruit This wine was included in a wine purchase by my son - 6 reds & 6 whites. I thinks he made a mistake if this is the quality of wines in the group!!

Schliecker said...

I agree. This is a pretty hit or miss estate in my opinion. I've also had a few bottles of the 2001 and the quality is good. Not great. Sounds better than the '02 that you had but you'd hope for more consistancy.