Wednesday, May 25, 2005

2002 Chateau Lagrange (Bordeaux)

The 2002 Chateau Lagrange is a young and big wine that needs several years to soften up. Dark garnet in color with cedar and black currant on the nose. The fruit is right on top at first and then reveals a dry finish and fine tannins. A little uneven right now but this wine is going to be fantastic with a little bottle age.

Unfortunatly, this wine has pretty much disappeared from the shelves but if you do find it, expect it to be betweem $30 to $40 a bottle now. I originally bought this at PJ Wine for $25.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

1997 Lynch Bages (Bordeaux)

There’s a lot going on with this wine. Notes of leather and tobacco over bright cherry. With a little air, the wine softens some to reveal darker cherry and the leather recedes some. Soft lush texture and a nice balance of tannins to acidity. Medium long finish. A very nice wine from a somewhat uneven vintage.

The wine was originally bought from D. Sokolin Wine but they no longer carry it. A quick internet search of Wine Zap revealed that it's available from Gotham Wines & Liquors on Broadway betweem 93rd and 94th St. for $68, at least twice the price I paid for it. Probably not worth it at that price.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sinalunga - Tuscany

Sinalunga is a resort just outside of Siena in Tuscany where we spent part of our honeymoon. The resort is built around an abandoned 16th century village. The guestrooms, restuarant, reception, etc. are all centered within buildings that used to be the town hall and homes of villagers. In addition, they have a beautiful vineyard surrounding the land which they use to make their own "house" wine. You are allowed to wander through the vineyards to your hearts content as we did!

The Vineyards of Sinalunga

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Montalcino - Tuscany

Tahirih celebrated our honeymoon by traveling to Tuscany, with a quick sidetrip to Umbria. While there, we were able to soak in the mountaintop village of Montalcino and sample a few bottles of Brunellos along the way. Highlights of the visit included a tour of Castello Banfi, a visit to the vineyards of Poggio Antico, and the unbelievable views!

The view from Montalcino

One of Castello Banfi's famous barrels.

Artwork in the cellar of Castello Banfi

The vineyards of Poggio Antico

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Santa Barbara Country

Below are three pictures from my afternoon in Santa Barbara County just north of the city itself. I was able to take a couple hours and visit the region after sneaking away from a buisness off-site. In addition to soaking in the country side, I was also able to visit Los Olivos where I first discovered the beauty of Central Coast Pinot Noir. These pictures were taken in January 2003

Santa Barbara County

The View From the Highway

The Vineyards of Gainey

Gainey's Mountain View