Sunday, June 04, 2006

2003 Monte Tondo San Pietro Valpolicella (Verona - Italy)

I bought this recently as a way to educate myself on Italian wines outside of the usual Chiantis and Brunello's that I know best. This Valpolicella is an entry level wine from producer Monte Tondo and is a blend of 55% corvina, 30% rondinella and 15 % molinara

It's cherry red in color with bright red fruit and light oak on the nose. Bright fruit comes out in the taste with some acidity. However, it's very thin and light in texture with nearly no finish.

The wine was tasted at room temperature and might be better chilled but I believe a Valpolicella shouldn't need that.

I can't recommend this wine and can only imagine this is not reflective of what a Valpolicella can be, even in the $10 to $15 price range.

This wine was purchased at Garnet Wines on 68th and Lexington for $12 and can also be found at 67 Wine & Spirits for the same price.

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