Friday, May 12, 2006

Vinovino - Another Visit (Tribeca)

We sampled a couple wines on our most recent visit to Vinovino. One was the 2003 Mt. Jefferson Curve Pinot Noir from Cristom and the other was a “Gill’s Farm” Viognier from Pikes Winery in South Australia.

The Mt. Jefferson Pinot Noir was brick red in color with a cedar/woodsy nose and notes of clove and black licorice. Its medium bodied with a medium long finish and a silky texture. It’s a nice wine which sells for $14 a glass or $46 a bottle in the bar or for $28 in the store. However, it’s tasted better to me in the past and I’m looking forward to trying the 2004 to compare.

The 2003 can still be had for $28 at Columbus Circle Wines. The 2004 vintage is out and listed for $30 at K&D Wines but I’ve also seen it a Union Square Wines. In addition, Garnet is selling half-bottles of the 2004 for $14 if you literally just want a taste.

The 2004 “Gill’s Farm” Viognier from Pikes Winery in South Australia has hints of grapefruit and leeche on the nose but it looses its fruit on the palette. It’s medium bodied and light yellow in color. It sells for $9 by the glass and $34 by the bottle in the bar. I wasn’t able to check the store price and the only other place I’ve seen it is for $25 from Honestly though, I’m planning on skipping this wine next time I visit.

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