Saturday, May 06, 2006

May 2006 - Recent Notes and Postings - Pt. 1

Welcome to NYC Wine Notes, a blog that you should think of as a mini online guide to wine in New York City based on my own experiences. On these web-pages, you will see tasting notes along with links to the stores in New York City that currently carry them along with the price I paid at the time. You’ll also find links to wine bars, restaurants, and wine shops, along with a narrative of my impressions and experiences.

This web site will be continually updated with this main page serving somewhat as a table of contents for my recent experiences but please check out the archives and expecially the Wine Index page for an alphabetical list of tasting notes, restaurants, and wine bars.

Recent Notes

The wine bargain of the month might be the 2005 Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. At $12 from Sherry Lehmann, think of it as a nice summer white to take to Central Park as the days get warmer.

Not as much of a bargain at $40 but still fantastic in my opinion is the 2001 Montiano from the Lazio region of Italy and made by Falesco. It’s a 100% Merlot and a solid choice as a special occasion red in that price range.

2004 Standing Stone Vidal Ice for $27 at Vintage NY is a tremendous bargain for anyone who likes dessert wines. It’s from the Finger Lakes region of New York and would be a good choice for the fruit based desserts (a nice peach tart for example) that seem to be more popular in the summer.

On the restaurant and wine bar front, it might be worth checking out Landmarc in Tribeca for its wine program which basically offers wines at retail price. Since they don’t take reservations, think about heading down to the Vinovino wine bar down the block while waiting for your table. They have fantastic selections by the glass. If you either on the Upper East Side or just in the mood for a French Bistro experience, check out Le Bateau Ivre where they excel in French comfort food and also offer great wines by the glass in a cozy setting.


I like to view wine as a journey and this blog as my travel memoirs in a way. I fully recognize that this is just one persons opinion and that it may widely doffer from others experiences. I think the diversity in wine including personal tastes, its wide range of prices, and the various ways it accompanies life from backyard picnics to 4 star restaurants, is one of the drinks greatest attributes. That said I’d like to hear your experiences, especially when they differ from my own.

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