Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2002 Jim Barry - Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia)

The 2002 Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon from Jim Barry is a big meaty wine. It’s nearly black in color with an almost inky thick texture. This offering is very fruit forward with notes of prunes and black cherry but it also has hints of coffee or mocha. It’s dry with a medium long finish. Overall, good but not exactly to my taste and at 15% alcohol, I thought this wine was a bit hot for my taste. Fans of big California Cabernets or Zinfandels might want to give this a try.

I found it for $17 at Sherry Lehmann (http://www.sherry-lehmann.com/) after keeping an eye out for it around New York. The only other place I know that carries it is Union Square Wine (www.wineaccess.com/store/unionsquarewines) where they sell it for $20.

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