Monday, March 06, 2006

2004 Ramsey Pinot Noir (North Coast California)

It's been almost two weeks since my last post but it's not for lack of drinking wine. I'm going to try and post notes on bottles over the previous couple weeks later.

However, the bottle I'm drinking now is a 2004 Ramsey Pinot Noir which I bought after tasting at Crush on 57th and Lexington which I bought for $13.99. At the tasting, I generally thought it was good and "tasted like a Pinot Noir" which isn't always an easy thing to find for under $20. I thought it would be a good weeknight wine which we opened on a Monday after work.

This time around, after having more than a minute to enjoy, my impressions are dark fruit with a slightly woody nose, slightly hot, with a medium finish. This wine isn't very complex and not as good as I remember. But, it is a fine weeknight wine and like I said, I think it exhibits the characteristics we all like in Pinots.

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