Tuesday, March 07, 2006

2002 Gewürztraminer Alsace Grand Cru-Kirchberg de Barr-Clos Gaensbroennel Willm (Alsace)

This sweet Gewürztraminer Grand Cru from Alsace is golden in color, has floral notes along with pineapple and lychee, and has a very silky rich texture. Overall, the wine is very structured with a long finish. It’s excellent!

The wine was bought after one of Union Square Wine’s Saturday afternoon tasting where it easily stood out among all the others. It was selling for $25 at the time but with only 400 cases imported into the US, they are out of their allotment and a quick search of wineaccess.com revealed nothing.

The moral to the story is that this was wine good enough to make me wish I had bought another bottle. In order to compensate, I’m planning to either return to Union Square Wine and ask someone for something comparable or to take a trip to 67 Wine on 67th and Amsterdam where their collection of German and French Gewürztraminers are exceptional.

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Thierry BOUGIT said...

Hi Thierry BOUGIT, Export manager of Alsace Willm.

Thanks so much for your nice comments !

Please could you contact our importer in NYC, Monsieur Touton Sélection Ltd 129 West 27th Street 9th floor Tel : 212 255 0674
Fax : 2122552628 E-mail : guillaume@mtouton.com to have addresses where you can find our wines in NYC.

Feel free to revert for any need

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F-67140 BARR
Ph:+33 3 89 41 24 31
Cell: +33 6 07 88 46 61
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