Tuesday, March 21, 2006

2003 Goat Roti (South Africa)

This wine from the Goats Do Roam Winery in South Africa is a blend of blend of 85% Shiraz, 12% Mourvedre and 3% Viognier, all grapes from the Northern Rhone. Overall, I think it’s a fantastic wine.

It’s dark red in color with a lot of spice on the nose and aromas of red fuit underneath. It’s nicely balanced with a mediun-long finsih. If I were any type of expert on Rhone Valley blends, I might mistake this for one. But then again, I’m not an expert.

Still, this is an excellend value wine that can be found at a variety of wine stores in New York. It’s available at Garnet Wines on 68th and Lexington (http://www.garnetwine.com/) for $15 and at 67 Wine on the West Side (http://www.67wine.com/) for the same price. I’ve seen it elsewhere too. Also be in the lookout for their slightly less expensive Goats Do Roam which is another excellent value. I’ll post that one next time I pick up a bottle.

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