Wednesday, February 22, 2006

NV Sokel Bolsser - Evolution (Oregon)

The Evolution - NV (9th Edition - Lucky #9): is from Sokel Bolsser Winery in Dundee, Oregon. It's a blend nine unnamed white wine grapes. Where as this might sound to some as a cleaver way to utilize lower quality grapes in a creative (read: marketable) way, and it might be, this is a good solid white in my opinion and comes at a nice price. This bottle was bought at Garnet Wines (68th St. & Lexington) for $12.99 and I've seen it elsewhere around the city for between $12-$15. The wine is a pale straw yellow color with a tropical fruit nosemixedt in with a hint of yeast. The wine is crisp and round (which might be what you get when you mix 9 varietals together) and has a medium finish for a white.

I think this is a great value white for any casual weeknight occasion. I'm not great a food pairings but I can see this going well with most fish with the possible exception of shellfish or anything that might require a minerally white.

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