Tuesday, June 14, 2005

2002 Gotim Bru - Castel Del Remei (Spain)

In my humble opinion, this might be the best $10 bottle of wine on the market. It’s a dense, medium bodied wine with chocolate and coffee aromas and an abundance of black cherry. It’s a little earthy and not too complex but the fruit makes it a generous wine.

I’ve seen this wine in many a wine store in NYC, including Garnet Wine (www.garnetwine.com) on 68th and Lexington for $9.99. PJ Wine (www.pjwine.com)up on 207th and Broadway also has the 2001 which is slightly drier and in my opinion, more complex and slightly more refined for $10.99. Another steal in my opinion.

This wine will go well with any “red wine food” just short of steak in my opinion although feel free to disagree as I’m still learning about food and wine pairings.

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