Sunday, June 12, 2005

2002 Cristom - Mt. Jefferson Pinot Noir (Oregon)

This wine if fantastic! It has an earthy/underbrush nose that recedes some after the wine has been allowed to breathe some. After some time, it reveals cloves along with hints of cedar, blackberry, black currant, raspberry, and maybe even some plum. It’s dry on the tongue with a nice long clean finish. There’s a real delicacy and elegance to this complex wine. It might even be one of my favorite Pinot Noirs.

This wine was originally bought at Union Square Wine for $25 although they don't currently carry the 2002 and have moved on to more recent vintages. However, a search of Wine Zap reveals that you can find it for about the same price at various other places across the country and order it via the internet. It might be worth it to do so if you love Pinot Noir.

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