Thursday, May 10, 2007

1993 Zilliken – Saarburger Rausch – Riesling Spatlese (Germany – Mosel-Saar-Ruwar)

This is another fine example of that can happen when you put some age on an affordable bottle of wine that can stand time in the cellar. Rieslings are known to be able to do that and if this is what I have to look forward to with some of the bottles I have in my cellar…

Straw colored with a primarily lime scented nose mixed in with a little apricot and some lingering floral notes. There’s also honeysuckle and just a whiff of petrol. It has a perfect touch of acidity with a citrus-lime taste along with a little bit of melon. Ends with a long lingering finish.

A standout A+ wine that I purchased for a mere $20 from Crush. A testament that there are affordable, phenomenal wines out there for a really good price. You just have to do your homework or at the least, make sure you are one some store e-mail lists!

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