Saturday, August 05, 2006

2005 Leitz Dragonstone Riesling (Germany)

The 2005 Leitz Dragonstone Riesling is a pale straw yellow in color with a light citrus nose. The emphasis is on lime which also expresses itself on the palate. Medium finish. The wine has a rounder texture with lighter acidity than some other Rieslings I’ve had recently. Overall, this is still a very refreshing and easy to drink wine.

This was bought on a trip to Austin, Texas at a fantastic store call Austin Wine Merchants. The store is very much worth a visit if you are in the area as they have wines that I think are hard to come by even in New York.

The 2005 Leitz Dragonstone Riesling sold there for $15 and I think that is on the high end for what this is worth. Any more than that and I might walk away from it the next time. In New York, you can find this wine at Union Square Wines and at Crush on East 57th St. for $15 or at PJ Wine for $11 at which point it is worth picking up.

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