Sunday, August 06, 2006

2005 Domaine de Pouy (France)

Domaine de Pouy from the Gascogne region of France and made primarily of the Ugni Blanc grape is a fantastic white wine value all depending on how much you end up paying.

The 2005, like the other vintages we’ve had before, is straw yellow in color with light citrus and floral aromas mingled in with just a touch of melon. There is a base of minerality here which makes this a very refreshing wine. It’s a medium bodied, medium finish wine with a soft and somewhat round texture. Overall, a great and simple summer quaffer.

The Domaine de Pouy is available in New York at a variety of wine shops although the only place I have seen it consistently at is Union Square Wines which sells it for $10. However, that is at the upper end of what this wine is worth in my opinion and I have bought it for much cheaper elsewhere (and even at Union Square when they first started to carry it). Garnet Wine on 68th and Lexington has had this wine in stock for $6 to $7 at which point it’s a fantastic value. This particular bottle was purchased at Austin Wine Merchants in Texas for $8 which is the most I would pay for it.

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