Monday, November 05, 2007

Another Bordeaux Bargain? - 2003 Chateau Gigault ~ Cuvee Viva

The 2003 Chateau Gigault Cuvee Viva from the Cotes de Blaye region of Bordeaux was a wine I purchased for $14 from Zachys, a store not necessarily known for their good deals. However, I can’t argue with this one.

The wine is dark garnet with strong notes of smoke and cassis but also with an herbal quality. It’s a full bodied and big wine with a plush, long finish. This is definitely in the more “modern” style of Bordeaux so don’t go looking for elegance here. However, if that’s ok with you, it’s a fantastic wine that I would give a B+ to. It’s a blend of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.

A note on the price. I purchased this as a future from Zachys for a price that’s lower than the current $16 to over $30 range found on At that price, I think this wine is a steal. However, its not so transporting that I would still feel that way about it had I spent $25. Also note that the 2005 Future is selling for $20 at Zachys, again a price that I don’t think qualifies as a bargain anymore.

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RougeAndBlanc said...

If I have to spend $20 for 2005 future on this, I'll go for Chateau Lanessan, which Zachy is selling $18. I have had many vintages on Lanessan - an old world Haut Medoc which I think you'll like. However, I do think that Lanessan drinks the best at 10 to 15 year mark.