Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cap de Faugères 2004 - There are bargins in Bordeaux!

There is value in Bordeaux! It’s not just a myth! That’s what I discovered with the 2004 Cap de Faugères, a red blend from the Côtes de Castillon region of Bordeaux. The wine was part of the list of wines bought for my sister Cindy’s wedding at the beginning of October as the “cigar wine” for her husband (and my now brother in-law) Israel. The wine didn’t disappoint.

Very full bodied with a dark, inky purple or almost black color. Very much a smoky aroma mixed in with dark fruits. Blackberries most notably. There is also an earthy or possibly spicy element too that adds a nice sense of complexity I like. Very much a full bodied wine but not in an over the top way as some might characterize a new world wine. Really long finish that just coats your tongue with spices. Not only is the finish long but it really caresses as well. Not in a silky way but more like velvet.

Excellent wine especially when I tell you the price. $12 from Zachys, on sale from $20. I have theories as to why they are selling this wine at that price. One is that I don’t think people are lining up to buy the 2004 Bordeaux vintage right now. Not a great one according to the critics and everyone is focused on the 2005s. I also think they just need to move wine right now to make room.

Whatever the case, I like this wine a lot for the price and give it a solid B.

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