Saturday, February 03, 2007

2004 Les Arums de Lagrange (Bordeaux-St. Julien)

This is the white wine from Chateau Lagrange in the St. Julien appellation of Bordeaux and I think this wonderful!

Golden hued with a very nice aroma of light oak and vanilla along with floral notes. The aromas blend so well together that you could sit and sniff this one for hours. There is a certain weight to the texture to this wine. There is a light caramel and honey taste which lends itself to a medium length finish.

I’m not sure I expressed all the characteristics of the Les Arums de Lagrange but the bottom line is that this is a fantastic wine. It’s not a necessarily easy wine to fine but Sherry Lehmann sells it for $17. What I think is amazing about that is this drinks more like a $30+ wine. Great QPR and really a must buy in my book for my tastes.

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