Sunday, October 09, 2005

2003 Venta Mazzaron (Spain)

Even thought I haven’t fully formed my thoughts on the 100 point wine scoring system, as much as I try to be objective, my eye always pops when I see a 90 point wine (according to Robert Parker) for around $10.

This is what happened at Garnet (68th St. and Lexington) yesterday. The 2003 Venta Mazzaron is a Spanish Tempranillo which is a dark garnet wine with what I think are notes of strawberries at the beginning which turn into darker fruit with air. It has a perfumed nose and is medium bodied with a slightly sweet, plush finish. Notes of cedar also emerge as the wine airs out.

I think this is a terrific value if you can find it at the $10 price I bought it at. I think it’s probably also worth up to $15 but anyone who is charging more is price gouging.

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